9 Ways To Make Valentine’s Day Last All Year Long!

9 Ways to Make Valentine's Day Last All Year Long!

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

As cliche as this “holiday” can be, I really love it! I love pink and hearts and candy and bubbles so… Why would I not like it?! Ha!

Although I think it’s pretty dumb to only officially celebrate love one day out of the year, I do like Valentine’s Day because it makes me think, “Hm, how could I take the concept of V-Day and stretch it out into the coming days, weeks, and months?” I’m all about making holidays last as long as possible. It’s more fun that way! (Which is why you’ll never hear me complaining about a month-late birthday celebration, or 3 Memorial Day cookouts spaced out over the span of a week!)

For all my married friends (and I’m talking to myself here too!) I wanted to give you a few different ideas to keep a little spark in your marriage long past Valentine’s Day because, as the Lord has really been reminding me a lot lately, your marriage is your most important earthly relationship! You gotta invest, keep it strong, stay close to Him, and keep the enemy out! The devil loves nothing more than to tear up a marriage, so it’s always a good idea to do what you can to keep your relationship at the top of its game! Amiright?

Disclaimer: I’m no relationship expert by ANY means. Nor do I have a perfect marriage by any stretch of the imagination! But we have fun and love Jesus together so… There are my credentials! 😉 

  1. Write a sweet letter (bonus points for cute stationery!) to your spouse and send it to his/her work address. It’s an unexpected day-maker!
  2. Flowers, candy, surprises, bottles of wine, etc. are well and good on Valentine’s Day, but they’re even BETTER on a random Thursday in June when absolutely nothing is going on! Guys, never underestimate the power of a thoughtful surprise! (I think flowers are my love language!)9 Ways to Make Valentine's Day Last All Year Long!
  3. Celebrate every milestone you can! Was your first date 10 years ago on April 17? Try to recreate it this year on April 17! At least acknowledge it with a kiss and a bottle of champs! Did you buy your first house together two weeks before you got married? Maybe go get ice cream and ride around pretty neighborhoods with each other one night two weeks before your anniversary!
  4. Go on a breakfast date before work. We have only done this once or twice since we’ve had kids, but it’s always fun to go grab coffee and a bagel after the cheerins have been deposited at school!
  5. Pray together out loud. Pray for your marriage and that your love for one another would reflect all of the qualities found in 1 Corinthians 13!9 Ways to Make Valentine's Day Last All Year Long! (this print is originally from this cute etsy shop. Sadly it’s not longer available, but she’s got lots of other cool stuff!)
  6. Spend the night in your guest room, or make a palette in your living room and sleep in there! You’ll feel like you’re on vacation, I can almost promise! Every few months, we spend the night in our guest room upstairs and it’s just fun. Historically, we bake cookies, watch a movie or multiple episodes of our current binge show, then fall asleep in the bed up there. That bed is a good bit smaller than our master bed, but the change of scenery makes it to where we really just don’t care! 🙂  9 Ways to Make Valentine's Day Last All Year Long!  9 Ways to Make Valentine's Day Last All Year Long!
  7. Hide a bunch of quick little “I love you and think you’re awesome” notes in unexpected places…. In his toolbox, in a coat pocket, in his humidor, in his glove box, under the stack of frozen wild game in your freezer… (oh wait, that note might never get found!) 😉  Then let them be fun little surprises to be found throughout the year!
  8. Look back through your wedding album or some old scrapbooks of the two of you together 🙂9 Ways to Make Valentine's Day Last All Year Long!
  9. Do a photo shoot together! I realize this sounds weird but as I was thinking of fun stuff to do together I realized… I have SO much fun getting Price and myself ready for photo shoots! And you end up with pictures that you can have forever. AND the actual shoot is always a blast 🙂 I actually had the pleasure of being the photographer for my sweet friends Elish and Will a couple of months ago and we all had a blast. I could tell they, especially, were just really having a good time together as the cutest couple ever! 🙂 Stay tuned for a post tomorrow for tips from Elish on how to style yourself and your dude!

9 Ways to Make Valentine's Day Last All Year Long!

How cute are they?!

And here’s one of my faves captured by Beth Morgan of Price and me when I was pregnant with Lily Ryan 🙂

9 Ways to Make Valentine's Day Last All Year Long!

I hope you have a great Valentine’s Day today and are able to steadily celebrate til next Valentine’s Day!! 🙂

What else can you add to the list? Any other fun ideas for keeping romance alive in your own home?! I’d love love love to hear!

Thank you so much for dropping by today! Y’all are WONDERFUL and I love y’all!!! 🙂 XOXO!


  1. Elish February 14, 2017 / 11:30 am

    LOVED this post Laurel!

    • thelovelybee February 14, 2017 / 3:07 pm

      Aw thanks Elish!!! Thanks for being a part of it (and especially for being part of tomorrow’s!!) 🙂 XO!

  2. msks February 14, 2017 / 3:01 pm

    Love! Kell and I did a photoshoot for our 5-year anniversary (and my 30th birthday), and it was so fun! I love looking back on those images!

    • thelovelybee February 14, 2017 / 3:48 pm

      I think I’ve seen some of those photos before and they’re amazing! Such fun memories, and such a great way to commemorate an occasion!

  3. Nikki February 14, 2017 / 4:54 pm

    What good ideas!! I definitely agree that surprises when it isn’t a holiday are the best!!


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