A Tale of Two Malbecs

Not too long ago, my sister-in-law and fellow red wine lover, Katie, and I sat down over some malbec for a little taste test! During one of my recent trips to Colony Wine Market, I noticed that La Posta makes two malbecs, and since I have always been a fan of La Posta malbec but never noticed that there were two different variations, I had to get both to do a little side-by-side comparison!

Katie and I sat down with some snacks and got down to business. I poured us up a small glass of each of the two, then promptly forgot which was which… So our mission was to figure that out!

Our tasting was accompanied by blackberries, strawberries, and bacon infused gouda, and crackers. There are carrots and ranch sitting here but we were not feeling those with this wine. 

Here are our thoughts!

Laurel: One is Palucci and the other is Pizella. Which is which was forgotten immediately after I poured them. Oops.

Katie: Palucci says it has cherry, raspberry, and violet aromas. Pizzella says it has dense, dark berry flavors and a hint of spice and sandalwood. I’m challenging myself to try to pull out those flavors and see which one is which. 

Smell wise, this one smells spicier to me. It tastes heavier, and Pizzella says dense, dark berry, so I think that’s this one. 

Laurel: I love Malbec because when it’s spicy, it opens up my senses and makes flavors more lively.

Oh yeah, Palucci is for sure lighter. 

Katie: I think I prefer the darker one! 

I do love the flavors in this Palucci. It seems a bit dryer.

I think the Pizzella is a bit sweeter? Heavier, but for sure sweeter.

I’m gonna take a picture of this Pizzella. I’ll buy this again.

Laurel: The Palucci is a bit brighter. Maybe a bit livelier? I would describe it as a summer red.

Katie: If I had not read the descriptions, I don’t think I would have been able to pick out the flavors like sandalwood. Or really even the fruit flavors. But since I read that beforehand, I could pick them out. 

Laurel: I never realized there were two La Posta malbecs until I saw them sitting side by side at Colony Wine Market. I just knew I liked La Posta malbec but never paid close enough attention to realize there were two. I guess I just thought they used two labels interchangably? 

But they are definitely different! Both delightful. I just love Malbec!

Palucci is grown by Angel Palucci, and Pizzella is grown by the Pizzella family. Both are Argentine. 

So there you have it! 

They’re lovely! 

// And, scene //

What is your take on Malbec? Are you a fan? If you’re unsure, but know that you like red wine, I highly recommend doing a little tasting of your own! Colony Wine Market in Madison has a great selection of all sorts of malbecs. Go grab you some, gather up some friends, and have some fun!

Then come back and let me know what malbec I need to try next!

This post is supported by Colony Wine Market. All opinions are my own, as always!

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