Art Obsession

SummerHouse, the most fabulous furniture store of all time (and I would say that even if I didn’t work there!) just got in some new work by one of my favorite artists! Brent Smith, based in Mobile, AL, is a landscape master… He paints them perfectly, and his color is in.cred.i.ble.

I’m obsessed with this piece in particular. It’s huge, it’s got my colors, and would look fabulous in my house. Until we have a need for something this big, though, I’ll just keep admiring it at the store!

Original Art by Brent Smith // SummerHouse

If you’re a fan of this painting like I am, you’d really get a kick out of checking on the latest post on Always Summer…, which is SummerHouse’s blog. There are several more new Brent Smith pieces, all of which are to die for. Check them out and let me know what you think!! 🙂

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