Avocado Berry Banana Smoothie

Banana Berry Avocado Smoothie // www.thehiveblog.com

Just last week, Price and I started getting seriously back on track as far as eating healthy. After a month of what seemed like constant traveling (which I’m definitely not complaining about!), it was hard to keep up with any sort of good eating.

Well, now that we’re back on the healthy train and serious about incorporating as many fruits, veggies, whole grains, and lean meats into our daily mix, I find myself having to get a little creative!

I’ve recently seen a bunch of recipes for smoothies that incorporate avocado, and since we came home from the beach with several that were getting to the “use or lose” stage, I decided to experiment with the avocado in the smoothie!

Here’s what I put in my smoothie:

1 cup organic frozen mixed berries

1 peeled banana

1/2 peeled and pitted avocado

1 cup unsweetened almond milk

a handful of ice cubes

Banana Berry Avocado Smoothie // www.thehiveblog.com

I blended this up in my Ninja and loved it! The avocado has such a mild flavor that I couldn’t even tell that it was in there. It was just SUPER creamy and yummy! Next time I’ll probably add the whole thing! (To be honest, I realized AFTER I made the smoothie that one avocado half was still sitting on the counter. Totally meant to try it with a whole one! Whoops!)

I didn’t add any sweetener and thought it tasted great as is, but it would also be good with a little squirt of honey! I think next time I make this, I’m gonna add some spinach leaves as well. Smoothies are my favorite way to get extra greens into my diet without eating salads all day!

Banana Berry Avocado Smoothie // www.thehiveblog.com

Do y’all have any interesting ingredients that you’ve been incorporating into smoothies lately? I’d love to hear! I’m always open to ideas of how to sneak extra nutrition in!

Thank y’all so much for dropping by today. I hope you are having a good week! XO!


  1. Mary July 27, 2016 / 1:41 pm

    Top notch idea❗️

  2. Merrill Corn August 26, 2016 / 10:50 am

    Let me see your green smoothie recipes! Tag @incrediblesmoothies on Instagram or share it on my Facebook page !

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