Baby Laundry Secret Weapon

Price loves to joke with me often about my poor laundry skills. Bless my heart, I just am bad at laundry!

We actually had a conversation a couple of months ago that went like this:

Price: Hey, why do all my white shirts have spots on them?

Me: I’m not sure…

Price: Can we stop using organic laundry detergent and go back to Tide or something? This didn’t happen as much when I did my own laundry back in law school. I used Tide.

Me: You know what? I think you just have too many white shirts. Too many shirts period… Maybe if you stopped buying new shirts, I’d eventually have no more shirts to mess up…

Price: That would leave me with no wearable shirts then.

Me: Exactly. Then I can’t mess anything up!

As you can see, this conversation got us nowhere. And the fact still remains that I’m bad at laundry! But since this conversation, I’ve discovered something LIFE CHANGING! Or at least laundry changing!

My baby laundry secret weapon... //

I titled this post “Baby Laundry Secret Weapon” because I use this new trick mostly on baby clothes (since kiddos tend to be messier eaters than we adults) but this trick has worked great on big kid laundry too!

Ever since I’ve started doing the Honest Company essentials bundle, I’ve been slowly discovering great household products. One thing I discovered a long time ago is the Honest Stain Remover. This is what I usually try first when I see a stain on a piece of clothing. I just squirt a little on there, let it sit for a few minutes, then throw it in with the next load. But if the stain is still there after one run, I pull out my new secret weapon: the Honest Oxy Boost pods. I LOVE THESE. These have been magical in getting stains out of clothes! Particularly white baby clothes.

My baby laundry secret weapon... //

When I find a shirt with a stain that needs a little extra TLC, or when I’m folding clean laundry and discover a stain I didn’t notice before, I get a bowl of really really hot water, put in an oxy boost pod, then put the stained clothes in the bowl and let them sit for 12-24 hours.

Then, the next time I’m running a load, I’ll stick the items that have been soaking in with the load!  If it’s a white load (which it normally is if I’m working this hard on a stain), I’ll put an extra pod in with the load just to get maximum clean out of the whole load.

I cannot tell y’all how many pieces of kids’ clothing have been saved by these little oxy boosters! These work particularly well on new stains, but I actually have been able to work on some of Price’s stained-for-a-while shirts and lighten the stain with the help of these Honest tools!

Here’s a before and after. There is a faint stain around the neck of this little shirt of Wilson’s. You sort of have to look for it:

My baby laundry secret weapon... //

After a 24 hour soak in a bowl of really hot water and one pod…

My baby laundry secret weapon... //

My baby laundry secret weapon... //

My baby laundry secret weapon... //

… we are stain free! See?! I did absolutely no editing to the before or the after pictures!

If you’re like me and need a little extra help in the laundry room, I HIGHLY recommend checking out these Honest laundry items. I hope you love them as much as I do! Oh, and if you have any other magical laundry tricks or tools, I’M ALL EARS! (I need all the help I can get!)

Thank you so so so much for stopping in today! It means the world to me! Have a great day!

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My baby laundry secret weapon... //

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