Brand New Donahoo

Brand new baby //

We have a brand new Donahoo at our house that I am so excited to introduce to y’all!

Dempsey Miller Donahoo joined our family on the afternoon of Friday, November 2. He is a big, beautiful ball of love (weighed 8-11 at birth) with whom we are all just obsessed. Obsessed, I tell ya! Wilson wants to give him kisses and hugs every hour of every day. Lily Ryan immediately asks, “where’s baby brother?” if she doesn’t see him the second she walks into a new room. And Price and I can hardly tear ourselves away from him! He is so snuggly and sweet and just such a blessing! He’s the perfect addition to our team. 🙂

We’ve gotten a lot of questions about his name. Dempsey is a family name on Price’s dad’s side. Plus, we just really liked the name! We thought it was kinda cool 🙂 Miller is my maiden name. And the Donahoo part is obvious, I hope 😉

We are slowly but surely adjusting to being a five-man-team (I do have to admit, this adjustment seems to be the easiest of the three we’ve gone through as far as adding to the fam) and are kept constantly in stitches by Wilson and Lily Ryan’s questions and comments.

“Why isn’t baby brother answering my question?” He is a newborn, sweetheart.

“Why isn’t he coming with me? I asked him to follow me.” PATIENCE, babe. His little legs aren’t there yet!

“Can I feed my baby [doll] milk from here (as she points to chest), too? It’s not working!”  They’ll work when you first get married, then have your babies!

“Can I have a drink from there (as he points to my chest)?” Ummm… NO…

“Why is baby brother asleep again?”

“Can I give him a french fry?”

“Can he sleep in my bed tonight?”

One of my favorite conversations with Wilson before the baby was born was,

“Mama how did the baby get into your tummy?” Well, God and daddy put him there to grow until he’s ready to come out! “Did God and daddy put him there through your belly button?” Yes, sweetheart, that is exactly right. You are so smart! “How will baby brother get out of there?” Well, my doctor is going to cut open my belly just a little bit and pull him out through the cut! “He’s going to cut you with scissors?!? (asked as he starts to cry. My tenderhearted little man!) Oh, no, honey, she will use a knife. (Pause for horrified look on Wilson’s face.) BUT, it’s okay! She does this surgery all the time! She won’t mess up. God will help her do a really good job and baby will get here very safely! “And then you will have a hole in your belly?” No, buddy, she will sew me up and it will all be good! It’ll be a little sore and tender for a while, but it’s ok! “Ok that all sounds good.” 🙂

Every day since Dempsey has been born, Wilson checks on my belly cut to make sure everything is still ok. Gosh, I love him! 🙂 And all my sweet babies!!

I’ll leave y’all with a couple of pictures of our newest little fella. I hope you had a FANTASTIC weekend! Thanks for stopping by. XOXO!

Brand new baby //

Brand new baby //

Brand new baby //

// shout out to my coworker Anabel for making that sweet little raccoon! //

Brand new baby //

“Blessed is the one who trusts in the Lord, whose confidence is in him.”
‭‭Jeremiah‬ ‭17:7‬


  1. Vicki M Watson November 12, 2018 / 11:23 am

    That is one of the sweetest posts I have ever seen!! So excited for all of you! You are such a wonderful mama!

  2. Mary November 12, 2018 / 9:23 pm


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