Cigar Party

Happy Friday! I’m so excited about a weekend of catching up, relaxing, and football ahead!

Today I wanted to share a fun little project I got to work on last month that took me back to one of the most fun parties I’ve ever planned– Price’s surprise 30th birthday party!!

Thanks to Pinterest, a girl from the DC area found and contacted me about making similar cigars labels (for rolo cigars like at Price’s party) and match boxes for her husband’s 40th birthday party! I was thrilled to get to relive the cigar party fun! She also asked me for ideas as far as decorating and food service with cigar boxes and I was able to point her HERE for a little bit of extra inspiration! 🙂

Custom Cigar Party Labels and Matchboxes // THE HIVE

She told me her husband’s favorite brand of cigar (and now I can’t remember the name!), but I took the shape of that cigar’s label and based his custom labels off of that! Thanks to my handy little Silhouette cutter, I didn’t have to cut out all of those labels by hand! I did, however, cover each matchbox by hand. It’s a time-consuming, yet fairly easy process!

Anyway, I hope you have some fun weekend plans ahead! I’ll see y’all back here next week! XOXOXO!

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