Exploring different denim styles

I’ve been exploring denim options lately. I’m almost embarrassed to admit why! When I first heard the whole, “skinny jeans, side parts, and laughing emojis mean you’re old” thing, I was like, “well dang. I love all three of those… I don’t *think* I’m old!”

But THEN… I was like, “who makes these rules anyway?! I still love all three of those so I don’t plan to ditch them any time soon!”

But ALSO… I was like, “why not explore a few more denim styles to switch things up a little?!”

I have 4 pairs of skinny jeans, which I absolutely plan to keep in my regular rotation. But I’m open to adding different denim styles to my rotation as well! I snagged these $40 jeans that I have absolutely LOVED. They’re super different, I love the high waist, and I love that they come in short, regular, and tall lengths! Definitely went with the tall.

Exploring different denim styles
Exploring different denim styles
Exploring different denim styles

What’s your denim style preference these days?

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