Extra Pretty Ice Cubes

For Mary Susan’s baby shower, which I shared a little about on Monday, we had the idea of making some pretty ice cubes to fancy up the drinks a little bit! Although they didn’t turn out as perfectly as I’d wished, they did turn out to be pretty darn cute! Especially once they were in the glasses.

How to make pretty ice cubes // www.thehiveblog.com

The best thing about this little DIY project was that it was very inexpensive! All you need are a couple of old school ice cube trays, distilled water, and whatever you want in your cubes! (We chose rosemary, mint, raspberries, and blueberries!)

A few tips I learned along the way…

(1) Experts in the decorative ice making field say its best to used boiled distilled water. This will make the cubes clearer than if you were to use just regular ol’ room temp tap water.

(2) If you do boil the water, be sure to either (a) let it cool before you pour it in the trays and stick all your pretty things in there, or (b) pour it while still boiling (carefully, I might add!) and let it sit in the freezer for about 30 minutes before adding your fruit and herbs.

On the first round of attempting to make these, I was an idiot and poured the boiling water in the trays then put the fruit and herbs in. The fruit immediately lost all of its color and the herbs immediately turned brown because of the heat. NOT pretty.

(3) Start making these a day or two before you need them because if you’re like me and don’t use old school ice cube trays on a regular basis, you forget just how long it takes to make one batch of ice cubes. If you need hundreds of them, you’re going to need some time!

How to make pretty ice cubes // www.thehiveblog.com

The decorative cubes look beautiful sitting in a clear bowl on a drink table, but look even prettier once they’re in your drink! And, bonus! When they melt, they add a nice little flavor to your water (or champagne, or whatever!)

How to make pretty ice cubes // www.thehiveblog.com

Have you ever made decorative ice cubes? I definitely want to continue upping my ice cube game, so if you have any tips to share, I’m all ears!

Thanks so much for reading! Hope you’re having an amazing week!

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