Fall Candle Fave

Pumpkin Bourbon Candle -- The PERFECT Fall scent

I’ve begun the quest for amazing fall candles. Price and I both appreciate candles probably a bit more than the average couple. (I love that he might like candles even more than I do! I also love when he orders girly frozen drinks at restaurants, but I’ll touch on that another day.) 🙂  I’m pretty picky about candle scents because if it smells cheap or “like Hobby Lobby in October,” then I don’t want it. This one from Target (Pumpkin Bourbon) is really getting us in the mood for those cool temps without smelling too cliche (if that is even possible.) Hope you enjoy!

// 14 oz tin // 5 oz. glass // 9 oz. lidded jar //

XOXO and Happy Friday!

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