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#GiveYour18 Campaign for Fund For The Girls //

Hey friends! Today’s post is one that I am extra excited about, because so much of what I love is all wrapped up into one post! I was delighted to have been approached by my friends at Baptist Hospital to help promote a really cool campaign they have going on right now called #GiveYour18. This is part of their Fund For The Girls initiative, which supports Mississippians in need of breast health services. With Mother’s Day less than a week away, it just seemed like a really opportune week to talk about the importance of breast health and health screenings that can help prevent really scary things such as breast cancer.

So what is #GiveYour18? It’s simple! When you contribute $18 to Fund For The Girls in honor/memory of someone you love (your mother, for example!) during these 18 days leading up to Mother’s Day (today is day 13), you’re supporting Mississippians in need. A mammogram (which is one of the easiest ways to detect breast cancer early, increasing the chances of a successful treatment) costs $180, so when ten people each donate $18, a woman at risk is gifted a mammogram, due in large part to YOU!! 🙂

If you make your donation actually AT Baptist hospital, you will receive a complimentary Musee bath balm as a thank you! But you have to get in there before Mother’s Day in order to get your gift! 🙂 You can also make your donation online here, but unfortunately, because of how much the shipping would cut into your actual donation, you do not get a balm for an online donation. I highly recommend actually getting by Baptist to make your donation so you can talk to someone from Fund For The Girls about all they have going on, and also to get your gift. They smell DIVINE– the scent is lavender + lemon to be both calming and uplifting! And, if you’re familiar with how Musee does their products, you know they have little treasures inside. These particular ones have lovely little “wish bracelets.” The idea is to make a wish (or say a prayer!) when you tie your bracelet on your wrist. When it falls off, your wish supposedly has come true!  I am a massive fan of bath balms in general (I’ve actually always called them ‘bombs’ because they sort of explode in the water!) so these are extra special because they’re Mississippi made and help raise awareness for a great cause! Plus I know the lady who started Musee and she’s the sweetest!

ANYWAY, all of this to say, contributing to #GiveYour18 is a fantastic way to help your fellow Mississippians, have a lovely cause to tell the mamas in your life you’ve given to in their honor, and end up with something that smells really good! 😉 I know I plan on making donations to this campaign to serve as Mother’s Day gifts for the mamas in my life. Will you join me?!

#GiveYour18 Campaign for Fund For The Girls //

#GiveYour18 Campaign for Fund For The Girls //

This post was inspired by Baptist Hospital’s Fund For The Girls and their #GiveYour18 Campaign.

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