God is Good!


In case you needed this reminder…

GOD IS GOOD! Always. Even when it doesn’t feel like it. He sent his one and only son to live life in this crazy world to save sinners! That’s you and me!!! If that’s not GOOD, I don’t know what is! Selfless and loving and good.

I know the holidays are hard. All different types of hard for all different types of folks. But one thing I’ve learned through the years is that peace and pain can dance together. Hope and heartbreak can cozy up quite nicely if you allow. Joy and emotional junk can be friends. Sorrow and smiles can be on the same page of your story. I once heard an author I like say, in the midst of hard times, that she’s an “all or nothing” type of girl. If she shuts out the pain of a difficult season, she was, by default, shutting out the good as well! But when she allows herself to feel the pain, she’s also allowing herself to experience the joy, too. She said it’s so much more exhausting to feel all the good and all the bad, but in the end, she learned so much more than if she’d tried to be emotionless. I thought that was very profound and thought provoking, and a great reminder for this time of year!

This takes me to another idea that has been hitting my radar from multiple different directions these past few weeks: Peace on Earth. When Jesus came to Earth as a baby, he didn’t bring peace to the world. He himself WAS peace! A different author, whose words I just love so much, mentioned that right after Jesus was born, King Herod mandated a mass murder of babies… That is NOT peace! And the Bible says that as Jesus’s return gets closer, the world will get crazier. Also not peace, right? But because Jesus IS peace, He brings peace to his people. Christ followers receive the gift of peace when they allow Him to live in their hearts! But that doesn’t necessarily mean that everything around us will be peaceful. I just thought that was such an interesting perspective and a good little nugget for me to learn this Christmas season! Have you ever thought about it this way?! I don’t know if I had, and I find that so comforting! Despite lack of peace, we can have peace. Another example of how good God is!

Thank you God for being so very GOOD in every way! Thank you for my sweet son for thinking to remind us of this with his sweet little paper sign, which he had the idea to make and hold up in the back of the room while his sister was singing in the church Thanksgiving program! She’s got the best hype man! 🥰

Wishing a merry, joyful, hopeful, peaceful Christmas season to you!!


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