Mindful Toys for Christmas

Mindful Toys at Christmas

If there is one thing I love for my kiddos, it is a toy that doesn’t require charging or batteries. Not all electronic toys are bad! But I feel like the chance of a parent getting frustrated with making it work, or a kid getting frustrated with a malfunction, skyrockets when power is involved! haha but when you go the old fashioned route, things just run more smoothly AND I feel like the kids’ imaginations are better challenged.

I’ve posted about the brand Mindful Toys before (here), but now seems like a great time to revisit all of the wonderfulness they have to offer! Most of the things they sell are the good old fashioned stuff.

Mindful Toys at Christmas
Mindful Toys at Christmas

I am SO excited about the Magneti’Book magnet faces we got for each of our older two kids (they have a boy and a girl!) So many ways to get creative with all the different face pieces they have! And I think the farm puzzle will be so much fun for Dempsey to play with, while giving him a good mental challenge. And the coloring roll we got with our last Mindful Toys shipment was SUCH a hit, that I got two this time!! With our last one, we rolled it completely out on the floor and the kids would color on it for long stretches of time. When it was all colored, it turned out to be really cute and super artistic/creative! 😉 You can see some action shots here!

Mindful Toys at Christmas
Mindful Toys at Christmas

I know these toys will be a hit with our kiddos, and there is SO MUCH MORE available on Mindfultoys.com so definitely check them out if you have little ones in your life to buy for this Christmas! They have a great website where you can tailor your search by kid’s age, brand, or category. They have stuff for children up to eight!

I hope your Christmas season is going well and that it’s not too hectic! I’ll admit, I’ve been a little busier than I’d like these past couple of weeks, but now I hope I’m in a place where I can really slow down and enjoy the season. I hope the same for you!!

Thanks so much to www.mindfultoys.com for making this post possible!


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  1. Mary December 10, 2019 / 3:25 pm

    SUCH great toys‼️ Thanks for the excellent recommendation 😘

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