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Happy Friday!! I hope everyone is having a fabulous day! Today is very special in my little world because TODAY is the first day for my new guest blogger, Sarah, to write for The Hive! (I wrote a guest post for her, too, which you can see here!) We’ll be guest posting for one another for a while, so it’s time to get to know this chick! 😉 Take it away, Sarah… 

Hey, y’all! Sarah here, from Nicely Captured. You probably don’t know me. But that’s okay. I’ll help you out. I know me better than anyone.

Nicely Captured for The Hive

I’m a 24 year old photographer in the [very] small town of Toano, Virginia. Toano is so small, you leave it almost as soon as you enter it. We’re known mostly for the little furniture store with the 20-foot yellow chair out front. And Pumpkinville.

‘Cause you know. We’re just livin’ it up out here.

I’m a pretty simple girl. I live for year-round bonfires and sunsets so intense, I have to pull over to photograph the moment. When I’m upset, I take a back road. Or four. I love my Mississippi boy and pretty much spend all my free time with him. I live on coffee and mac n’ cheese. And mashed taters. Mmm.

Sarah @ Nicely Captured.

Sarah @ Nicely Captured. What a doll!

I hate the cold, but I love to curl up with a hot cup of just about anything (heck, it could be coffee and Bailey’s for all I care) and a book by the fire. We had our first snowfall of the winter last night. Heating up my truck and scraping all the ice and snow off of it at 5am this morning before work was an adventure. Luckily, none of it stuck to the roads, so I can go about my normal day. But thank the Lord it’s Friday!

My blog mainly consists of lifestyle posts. From fashion, my favorite products, recipes and crafts, and of course, photography. And I plan on posting the same stuff here at The Hive! I hope to eventually do tutorials for bloggers who would like to spruce up their page with pretty pictures. ‘Cause blogging ain’t just for writing. It’s meant for photography, too! I may have been taking pictures for nine years, but I got more into it thanks to blogging. I get so excited when I see bloggers invest in a nice camera and teach themselves the art of photography!

I’ve had multiple blogs in the past five or so years, but none as fun as Nicely Captured. I’ve met such great people in just the past month or so, Laurel being one of them! And I’m so honored to have been chosen to guest blog for her, and I hope you guys enjoy my posts as much as I’ll enjoy writing them!

It’s been fun blogging over the years and sharing this part of me with everyone. Some people aren’t fans of putting themselves out there, letting the world read their every thought. Getting inside their head. But it’s not like that. You share a part of you, and people can take it or leave it. I’ve learned that the hard way, believe you me.

I have this motto I’ve always gone by. I never write anything I would be ashamed of my grandmother reading. I always keep her and my mom in mind. Because I know they enjoy reading my blog, and I would never want them to be disappointed in me for anything.

With that said, here’s a crappy Instagram photo of my snowy morning at work for ya! Have a great weekend, y’all, and I’ll see you next week. 🙂

Nicely Captured

Nicely Captured for The Hive

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