My Weirdest Giveaway!

Instagram Giveaway Idea

If you hop on over to my Instagram and look for this pic, you can get in on my latest giveaway! It’s a weird one… Haha the idea kinda came to me while I was on my morning drive to the other side of town so I’m going with it! It’s a multi-day, multi-item giveaway! I’ll pick the first winner on 5/5, then there will be one winner per day until the prizes are gone! And who knows, I might get crazy and add a few more prizes as the week progresses!

Didn’t want my sweet blog readers to miss out on the fun in case you’re not very active on The Gram!

I hope you’re having THE BEST WEEK!!! XO!

( you are loved! )

p.s. tone on tone look inspired by one of my favorite boards on Pinterest!


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