Pretty and practical paper

I am here to tell you about a chic new line of practical paper that I’m absolutely in love with! But first, let me tell you why I even went looking for some new “practical paper!”

We are in the midst of a very slow kitchen update, and one of the most recent little updates was of our fridge! We swapped out our standard Fridigaire for a counter depth Sub Zero! I love it SO much! But guess what I learned right after it was installed?

Sub Zeros aren’t magnetic! No magnets stick to them, which means our magnetic grocery list pad can’t hang on the fridge anymore! We were down to just a few pages left on it anyway, so it was time for a new grocery list pad that looked nice sitting on the counter next to the fridge.

pretty and practical paper
pretty and practical paper
pretty and practical paper

I went to target and right there on one of the end caps was a display by the Post-It company with their brand new line, NOTED. NOTED is pretty “practical paper” in lovely hues that looks chic and neat. AND, I was so thrilled to find that Post-It thought of me when designing this line (not really) and included little acrylic boxes to keep the note pads neat!!

I also LOVE the felt tip pens in all the pretty colors!

If you’re looking for some new, pretty “practical paper,” then check out NOTED! I’m linking a lot of their things right here! Have a look-see!

This isn’t everything, but this gives you an idea 🙂 Isn’t it all so gorgeous?! If you’re looking to update or organize your note-taking, check out NOTED! 🙂

Thank you SO MUCH for stopping in today! It means so much to me! Have a wonderful week! YOU ARE LOVED!!!

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