Old Navy Faves

This right here is probably about as “mommy and me” as the two of us will ever get — Our outfits are from the same store 😉 I’m not against mommy and me styles, they’re just not my personal fave. Plus Lily Ryan is so independent, if I ever tried to dress her in the same thing as me, she simply would not have it.

BUT! We have both had some really good luck at Old Navy lately! They have the CUTEST cheetah prints right now for bigs and littles – a black and white, and an orange. I really was tempted to get tops in the white and the orange prints for me as well as Lily Ryan, but knew if I did, I’d foil the possibility of her wearing them, and I just couldn’t resist the mini items in those prints!

I, instead, opted for a really cute and soft graphic tee. Super into the retro vibes this one gives off. They have several great retro-inspired tees that I just adore. And for great prices!

Here are the cheetah items for big girls and little girls:


And some fun retro graphic tees for big girls and little girls!


As a quick little note, when you click on the items above and make a purchase, I do get a small commission. Every time I see even just a few cents added to my commission total, I get so excited because I know something I posted resonated with you. I know I don't say this nearly enough, but I SO appreciate when y'all shop the things I have linked on this blog! Also, if you click on, say, the rug I have linked on my sidebar, and you go to that site and poke around and make another purchase having nothing to do with the rug, I do still get credit for that sale since my site refereed you to that site. I hope that makes sense!

It makes a huge difference to me when you shop my links and I love you for it! 🙂 THANK YOU for being supportive of The Hive Blog! XOXO


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