One of my favorite purchases of all time!

Ok, I am V excited about this post! I’m here to share with you one of my most favorite purchases of my adult life. This purchase has been more functional than I could have ever imagined. Are you ready for it??

Drumroll please! (Here’s a clip of my favorite cinematic drumroll to really set the mood)

These CB2 Acrylic Nesting Tables!

Hear me out. I’m sure you think I’m crazy right now 😉 Allow me to elaborate. The uses for these things are endless!


My original reason for purchasing these (I had eyed them for the longest time but didn’t have a use for them until we moved into our current house) was to serve as small table between two leather chairs in our living room. It is one of my “design rules” to have a place for everyone sitting in a chair to have easy access to a table upon which to set a drink. So these served as that for whoever might sit in these leather chairs. They look great and I love them there!

The many uses of CB2 Acrylic Nesting Tables

(( This pic is from Lily Ry’s first birthday party, which you can see more of here! ))

These started taking on new life when my kids and my nieces and nephews got big enough to start sitting at a “kid table” without adults and we didn’t have enough “kid chairs.”


There have been multi occasions where I’ve set a small table for the littles to dine at, and all of our normal chairs were too big. So I started pulling one or two of these nesting tables over for kids to sit on and voila! We have pint-sized ghost stools! Good stuff. (I’m pretty sure CB2 would not endorse this use, but if you weigh 40 lbs and under, it’s fine!)


“What is a bath desk?” I can hear you asking that now. Well… My sweet, manly husband is a huge fan of taking a bath. He prefers them to showers any day of the week. There have been several occasions where he really needed to work, but he also really wanted to take a bath. But if both can be done at once, why choose?! Grab the big nesting table, get in the tub, then put that table on top of you and put your books / computer / iPad on the table and BAM. Water office. Obviously Price won’t let me take a picture of this, so my reenactment will have to suffice! (Loveyousomuch, Price!!) 😉

The many uses of CB2 Acrylic Nesting Tables


The other day, I was making myself a salad for lunch and my older two were home with me. It was a gorgeous day, so we decided we would eat lunch outside! I had already made their plates, so once I finished my salad and walked outside, fully expecting us to just sit and eat on a little brick ledge we have out there, they had taken all three tables and three kid chairs outside and made a little “restaurant” for us! It was the cutest thing, and those tables were the perfect little individual dining surfaces!

The many uses of CB2 Acrylic Nesting Tables


During the Christmas season, we put small christmas trees in each of the kids’ rooms. I’ve always felt like the trees needed to be elevated a little bit, but Lily Ryan’s room doesn’t have any extra table space upon which to elevate her tree. So I usually move one of the nesting tables in her room to put her tree upon! The two that are left in the living room do not look incomplete at all without the third one there, so it works perfectly!


My chilrens are super into fort building. And often times, a crawl space is needed to connect one end of the fort to the other. When you pull the tables apart, but where they’re still really close together, you can drape a blanket over the top of them and it makes the perfect secret crawl space! Crawl spaces are very underrated fort details, IMO.

I’m certain there have been other uses for these tables that are slipping my mind! But these are SO cute, very well made, and very well priced. (If you’ve ever priced out acrylic furniture, it ain’t cheap!) I love them so much and think they add a lovely touch of modern to our space. If you’ve been looking for a side table, this might be just the thing!

If you can think of other creative uses for these things, I’m all ears!! Feel free to leave me a comment! 🙂

Thank you so much for stopping by today! You are so appreciated! XO!


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  1. Grandmary August 29, 2020 / 3:34 pm

    Such great ideers, all! It’s neat to see the kiddos “catching the creative spirit” from their mama for the lunch outdoors!!!

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