Quick & Easy Hair Styling

Easy waves & a clip!

There’s one hairstyle I’ve gone to more days that not during the quarantine, and it is SO easy! I wanted to share!

Since I’ve trained my hair to go about four days between washes, I’ve started sleeping with my hair in a twisted bun (see my HAIR saved highlight on Instagram for a visual) to give it some movement the next day. (Disclaimer- I have finer hair so this may not work on super thick or coarse hair!)

Once I take my bun out and lightly brush through to create some waves, I’ve been clipping one side back with a barrette. It makes me feel just a tad more glam than I would otherwise. And there are SO many cute clips out there! All the ones I currently have, I’ve purchased from Molly Gee & Co., so be SURE to check out their inventory once they open back up! For now, I’ve linked a bunch that I love online 🙂

Easy waves & a clip!
Easy waves & a clip!

Have a WONDERFUL weekend!! xo!


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