I don’t know about your climate right now, but in Mississippi it seems like it’s been raining non stop ALL week! These gray days call for some extra cute gear to throw on to brave the storms!

Here are a few rainy day pieces that I’m totally loving! Hope you find something here you love too! 🙂

RAIN CHECK! rainy day essentials

one // two // three // four // five // six

Both pair of boots are included in Nordstrom’s MEGA sale going on right now, and they each come in other colors! These are a great buy right now while the prices are slashed! And although it’s not included in the sale, the Top Shop clear rain jacket, also from Nordstrom, is THE CUTEST! I love the idea of a clear rain coat so people can still see whatever outfit it is you have on underneath! If, however, you want your rain jacket to be the star, I think this striped one is so cute and classic! Speaking of classic… THIS.

Love a clear umbrella just because, let’s face it… Most umbrellas are kinda ugly with a bank logo or a golf course logo or something on them… Stick to clear and keep it simple! I also love this clear one and it’s a great price! This little floral dude is pretty cute too, especially since floral is what it’s all about right now!

Thank y’all so much for dropping in today! I hope you’re having a great day (even if it is raining cats and dogs right now!) XOXOXO!

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