The Little Things { Guest Post }

I’m so happy it’s finally starting to actually feel like summer outside. I don’t know what Mississippi feels like right now. DJ’s dad tells him it’s been cool like up here in Virginia. But it’s 80 degrees here today, and breezy at that. It feels amazing.

I’ve always had that aching for summer. Every year it comes around the same time. However, our winter this year was horribly cold and wet. So this time around, the aching is worse. And I don’t know how to contain it. I don’t know how to explain that feeling, either. I miss the feel of a warm breeze on slightly tanned skin. Light and airy summer dresses. The smell of saltwater washing over golden sand.

It’s also around that time of year I met DJ. I think I notice that most of all. When you meet someone during the summertime, everything’s different. We’re all skinnier, tanner, glowy-er. You know what I’m saying. Now that we’ve spent six months in the cold/snow, we’ve put on a few pounds, our skin is white as a sheet, and we’re just plain lazy. We simply don’t feel like doing anything but lay in bed and watch movies.

It’s so exciting.

When I met him in July, he was the tall, dark, handsome man from Mississippi who stole my heart. Now we’re both so used to each other that we’ve accepted the extra pounds, the dry skin and hair that winter has brought us. Nothing’s glowing. No one’s tan. The muscles of summer have disappeared.

Am I just crazy or does anyone else notice this with the cold weather?

Maybe I’m just crazy.

My point is that it’s all coming back now. I’m running a mile everyday on my lunch break again. I’m eating healthier. I’m moving more. And the sun’s shining. And the weather’s amazing. He’s gaining that muscle back and his skin is darkening. That’s when I really have to contain myself. Because duh. My man looks good.

I just can’t wait for long rides in his truck, windows down, warm breeze through the windows, his arm wrapped around me in the middle seat. Trips to the beach. Rides on the motorcycle. These things are the best things in the world to me. The little things.

And because I need something to break up my crazy rambling, here are some pictures I took last year around summertime, which only make the aching worse:

What kinds of things are you anticipating this summer?

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  1. Iva April 9, 2013 / 12:46 am

    I bear the cold weather with ease, normally, but this year I am starting to feel impatient for the sun to come. I am too thoughtful and gloomy these days and I need an outside booster to cheer my mood.

    • thelovelybee April 9, 2013 / 9:56 am

      Sunshine is one of the best mood-boosters, I say! 🙂

    • Sarah April 10, 2013 / 7:42 am

      Seriously. I love when fall and winter come and I can wear my scarves and boots and drink hot tea or coffee and lounge around in big fluffy sweaters. But this winter was long and dreary and gray and depressing. Thankfully, this week in Virginia it’s been in the 80s. Spring’s apparently here!

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