The Most Kardashian Thing I’ve Ever Done

Bellefit postpartum corset FOR THE FREAKING WIN!!

The most Kardashian thing I’ve ever done…

For those of you who thought maybe I’d started a podcast from my bathtub with my sister’s boyfriend, or gave a homeless man a close shave, or considered moving to Miami this summer just because, you’re all incorrect! Close! (Just kidding.) But no.

So shortly before I gave birth to Dempsey, I was approached by a brand called Bellefit to partner on a post about a postpartum corset. My first thought was Khloe K’s waist trainer. I’ll be honest. But I did a little reading and found that this might be something I should actually consider!

So I told them I was in. I really had no idea what to expect. I had just read that wearing one of these things would not only help me to fit back into my pre-pregnancy clothes again more quickly, but that it would help keep any swelling at bay, it would improve postpartum core support and posture (which is hard for some women to regain after not being able to keep their abdominal muscles in top shape during part or most of pregnancy), and it would help with any possible Diastasis Recti treatment if needed. There are also some other benefits of corseting shortly after childbirth (by regular delivery or c-section!) that you can read about here!

Bellefit postpartum corset FOR THE FREAKING WIN!!
Bellefit postpartum corset FOR THE FREAKING WIN!!
Bellefit postpartum corset FOR THE FREAKING WIN!!
Bellefit postpartum corset FOR THE FREAKING WIN!!

It is recommended to wear your corset for about three months, so I started wearing mine about a week after Dempsey was born, and I honestly still wear it on some days! But I wore it just about every day for three solid months. I LOVE how it made me feel! I felt pulled together and more supported in my mid-section. And I definitely felt like it helped keep swelling down. I’m singing the praises of Bellefit over here. I truly feel like it helped me feel like myself more quickly after giving birth. And you mamas out there know that it can be hard to feel like the real you again.

To share the love, Bellefit is giving each of you $30 any order now through the end of May! Use the code HIVE30 to get your deal 🙂 And please, feel free to ask me any questions about my experience. I’m here to share!

THIS JUST IN! Today through Monday, April 8th, at 11 a.m. EST, you can get 40% off your Bellefit order using code HIVE40 at checkout! They JUST emailed me about this. So excited to be able to share such a deep discount!

Also, if you want to share, I’d love to hear the most Kardashian thing you’ve ever done!

Thank you to Bellefit for supporting this post. All opinions are my very own! 🙂

// mini purchase of the week for Lily Ry 🙂 //

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  1. Mary March 27, 2019 / 12:39 pm

    Interesting report – & it certainly makes sense on several levels. Ewe’ve looked fabulous all this time!!! It also seems to me that, due to help w/posture, it could prevent lower back pain. Wish I’d had this after you twins were born! Back-in-the-day, our UPS man asked: “ When are you going to have that baby?!?!” My answer: “THEY were born THREE MONTHS AGO.” The poor fella was quite embarrassed. And shame on me for the snarky tone of my answer.

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