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Mary Straton is guesting today! Always love having her make an appearance over here! Take it away, MS…

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It strikes fear in the hearts of women everywhere (except supermodels and high school cheerleaders): swimsuit shopping.

Never do I ever contort, suck in, stand on tiptoes or skinny-arm more than when I’m trying to find a swimsuit that does not make me feel like Jabba the Hut. What’s the answer, you ask? A Miraclesuit? Strategic ruching? The right pattern? A skirt? Board shorts?

I wasn’t blessed with legs for days like our girl Laurel or a metabolism like those women who say they just can’t keep weight on, so I tend to gravitate more to a one-piece. And let me say, I welcome the trend with open arms!

There are tons out there, and I am not a stylist, so I’ll just point you toward some that I particularly like. The last thing I want is to be uncomfortable, or worse – look old (gasp!), so I tend to choose styles that have some visual interest or a glam or boho vibe. And I’m also willing to spend a little more to get something of good quality and that makes me feel cute.

Here are a few I like. Jabba approved.

One Piece Roundup //

The neckline on this one is very flattering, and the pattern and seaming detail keep the eyes busy and not focused on something you’d rather keep to yourself.

One Piece Roundup //

This suit is even prettier in person than online! The colors are brighter and the embroidery is really nicely done. And if you’re a girl who loves a belt, this one has a similar effect!

One Piece Roundup //

I actually own this suit in this color, and it is very flattering. The previously mentioned ruching is forgiving, and I think it looks very pin-up! Not to mention, the price is right!

One Piece Roundup //

When I was in high school and college, JCrew was THE place to get your swimsuit. (I still wish I could find the one I had my junior year that had citrus fruits on it.) Anyway, my friends know I LOVE a wrap dress, and this is practically a wrap dress minus the dress.

One Piece Roundup //

Hey-oooo! This little number is not for the wallflowers, but just look at it! That sash could cover up any pooch!

I hope I’ve shared a few selections that might make swimsuit shopping feel like less of a root canal. Do you have a flattering suit you love?

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