The Time Is Now

JORD Wood Watch // "the time is now"

I recently got a new watch that I am absolutely in love with! It’s from a beautiful wooden watch brand called JORD (pronounced YODE), and I’m so thrilled to now know about these guys. They are so inspirational! I was playing around on their website when I came across their about page and I just fell in love all over again after reading what they had to say!

I found this quote there:

“The value of a watch is not in being able to tell how much time has passed, but in being aware of the need to make that time count. Moments are bigger than minutes and your watch should tell more than time.”

Isn’t that SO GOOD?! Moments are bigger than minutes. That is something I’ve really been trying to embrace lately. Really soaking in the moments and trying to find the good and the value of TODAY. THIS moment!

JORD Wood Watch // "the time is now"
JORD Wood Watch // "the time is now"

JORD allows you to have something engraved on the back of many of their timepieces, so I had the words “the time is now” engraved. This reminds me when I put on my beautiful watch that today is a gift! The time is now to make your move. To pray that prayer. To call that person. To make that impact. Whatever it is! The time is now, because we are not promised tomorrow. Right?!

JORD Wood Watch // "the time is now"

I’m so excited that JORD is allowing me to give one of y’all $100 credit to shop in their online store! They have watches for men and for women, and have tons of different styles available. If you’ve even halfway been thinking about getting a new watch, enter this giveaway!

Another way I’ve been reminding myself that the time is now, and that today is a gift that needs to be completely soaked up, is with this fun neon sign (which I have linked also in my sidebar!)

I hope you had the greatest weekend and are gearing up for a lovely week! Thank you so much for stopping in today. I am so thankful for you! And I’m so thankful to JORD for supporting this post. All opinions are my own! 🙂

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