Lovely Lately

A few little highlights as of late around here…

Enjoying pumpkin bread (from this new recipe!) and coffee for work lunch while babies napped. This recipe calls for olive oil (which I thought was strange) but it turned out surprisingly great! I think coconut oil would be a fun variation, too!

Pumpkin Bread made with olive oil

// favorite new mug // desk — currently on sale which NEVER happens! //

Rounding out Seamless, our life group girls’ current Bible Study. If you and a group of your girlfriends are looking for a fantastic study to do together, I HIGHLY recommend this one! Our whole group has loved it (and it is one that is best done in groups for accountability and discussion!) It takes the entire Bible and connects it as one big story rather than thinking about it in little pieces. After tomorrow night, we will only have one week left! Boo hoo!! But because of this book, we’ve found like 100 other topics we want to study as a group! So I’m sure our next one will be great too! 🙂

Seamless by Angie Smith

Adding a Hotty Toddy print, some new thank you cards, and two types of Christmas gift tags (cheeky & cheery!) to The Lovely Bee etsy shop!

New items added to The Lovely Bee etsy shop!

Finding some of the CUTEST mid century inspired wrapping paper to use in wrapping the books in this project

Midcentury modern wrapping paper

… which by the way is almost complete! Once two more books come in, I’ll have all 25 (27 actually, but two I’m saving for future years when the babes are a bit older!) I’m ready to get them wrapped! I think it’ll be a pretty cute little stack 🙂 Thank y’all for the help!!!

And stay tuned for more details on that wrapping paper plus lots of other really cute ones!!

25 Christmas books for the 25 days of christmas!

DIYing some wreaths for our front doors using some yard clippings

DIY wreaths

Celebrating my sweet niece’s 2nd birthday over the weekend

Kitty themed second birthday party

Teaming up with It’s Vinyl Y’all to sell the Rx Cowbell stickers through them! Which means MORE OPTIONS! Perfect for your cups, coolers, computers… All that stuff! Yay!

Did y’all have a good weekend? Ours was pretty great! We went to Starkville and watched the bulldogs just really stink it up on the field BUT we got to hang out with so many fun people, eat some great food, and enjoy some great down time, so overall, it was fantastic!

Thank y’all so much for dropping in today! It means the world! 🙂 XOXO!

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