Two One One One Seven


2/11/17 is going to be epic

Ok folks! Tomorrow is 2/11/17! Or two-one-one-one-seven if you’re trying to make sense of the title here! 😉

It’s a biiiig day in the Jackson, MS area!

Reason number one

 Lee Loves Local at SummerHouse in Ridgeland! The Lovely Bee will have a booth! And there will be SO MUCH other wonderful stuff going on! Like this. And this! (Yay local food and drink and The Karovan Bar!)  I’ve been gramming a lot about this fun event, which you can check out here!

Feel free to come having done NONE of your Valentine’s Day shopping because I (plus all the vendors) are ready to hook you up with just what you need for all of your Valentines! yay!

Reason number two

 Ignite The Night: London Calling! This fundraiser for the MS Children’s Museum is a VERY fun event! It’s awesome every year that we are able to make it! This year, London town is taking over!!! You’ll see it all… Royals, Spice Girls, Amy Winehouse, Austin Powers, fish and chips, beefeaters (both people AND cocktails!), tea with the queen, a trip on the Underground, pub games, Jack the Sipper (WHAT is Jack the Sipper? Well you need to come find out, don’t you?!), ballin’ decorations, a photo booth, fascinators everywhere… Y’all, I’m not even able to type everything because there is so much and I just can’t remember it all!

Tickets are $100 a person and can be purchased at the door! I really hope to see y’all there. It’s for a great cause and a LOT of hard work has gone into it to make it the best Ignite The Night yet!!

2/11/17 is going to be epic

Thanks so much for stopping by! I look forward to seeing you tomorrow at BOTH events, right?! 🙂

Y’all are the best!! XOXOXO!


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