Happy Mix

Happy Mix! A yummy, girly treat that you'll have to stop yourself from eating too much of!

Since Valentine’s Day is tomorrow, and girly things happen all year round, I wanted to share a recipe with y’all today that is pretty perfect for a Valentines gathering or really just any girly gathering!

This is something that we served at Lily Ryan’s birthday party and it got rave reviews! According to our guests, it “tastes expensive,” “is better than puppy chow,” and could be eaten by the pound if you’re not careful!

This recipe is adapted from the one I found in the current issue of Social South (which is such a cute issue by the way! I love the whole Galentine’s Party spread they did!) I adapted it only because I didn’t have the exact ingredients required on hand, so I did a little improvising!

Happy Mix! A yummy, girly treat that you'll have to stop yourself from eating too much of!


8 ounces Baker’s white chocolate

4 tablespoons butter

4 cups Chex cereal (I used rice Chex)

1 cup boxed Strawberry Cake Mix

1 cup powdered sugar

1/4 cup sprinkles (optional)


Break the white chocolate into pieces and place in a microwave safe bowl with the butter. Microwave for one minute. Stir as much as you can. Then keep microwaving for about 20 seconds at a time, stirring in between, until the butter and white chocolate mix together.

(I’ve found white chocolate to be a little difficult to “cook” with! If it is overheated or over stirred, it gets clumpy, even when mixed with butter! So be careful during the heating of the white chocolate and butter together! One you get the two combined, go ahead and stop stirring!)

Pour the white chocolate and butter mixture into a large bowl and add the chex. With a large spoon, toss chex until they are as evenly coated as possible. You will likely have some clumps, but it’s ok!)

Once your cereal is coated, transfer into a gallon size ziploc bag and add the sprinkles (if you choose), the cake mix, and the powdered sugar. Shake really well!

You should now have a sweet, crunchy, soft pink party mix that is almost guaranteed to make all your guests just a little bit happier! It tastes divine!

For another valentine themed recipe that would compliment this oh so nicely, click here! 🙂

Happy Mix! A yummy, girly treat that you'll have to stop yourself from eating too much of!

Happy Mix! A yummy, girly treat that you'll have to stop yourself from eating too much of!

I hope y’all enjoy this Happy Mix! It’s pretty much my favorite thing to grab a little handful of, ohhh, every time I pass the pantry these days… Sadly (or thankfully?) it’s almost gone! I guess I’ll have to start grabbing something a little healthier now! ha! But make no mistake, I WILL make this for many parties to come (healthy or not!)

I hope all of you had the best weekend! It was a CRAZY one for us, but it was even more awesome than it was crazy! Lee Loves Local at SummerHouse and Ignite the Night at The MS Children’s Museum (background on those here) were both KILLER. The deejay at Ignite The Night was INCREDIBLE… We did not want to stop dancing! I woke up yesterday with some pretty good soreness in my legs from all the booty shakin’ we did! It was that awesome morning-after-a-swap-in-college feel. ((I MISS SWAPS! AND DANCING TO FUN RAP MUSIC! Can we make swaps a post-college life reality please!? Someone?))

Anyways… I hope to post a little recap of one or both events here soon! 🙂

Thank y’all for stopping by today. It means the world to me! 🙂 Your support of this little blog is much appreciated. So thanks again! 🙂 Have a lovely rest of the day! Until tomorrow…. XO!

p.s. Get your printable Valentine’s Day cards here for your kiddos to take to school! (Or for you to take to work or to give to your friends!)


  1. Whit February 13, 2017 / 9:33 am

    Good one!!! Happy Valie❣❣❣❌⭕❌⭕

  2. Cindy February 13, 2017 / 5:36 pm

    Yet another amazing recipe I’m going to be making!!!! Thank you!???

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