A Healthy Pizza Recipe

I have a recipe to share that I’m pretty excited about…

Since my brother-in-law just got engaged, my husband and I are on a “start losing weight for the wedding” kick. With that, I’ve been trying to cook more healthy meals at home. When I’m on a diet, I’m fine with eating a big salad every night. But that is not the case for my hubby. SO, I’ve had to get a little creative in fixing healthy things that we will both enjoy!

Two nights ago I made a pizza that was such a big hit, I’m really looking forward to making it again! Here’s what all went into it:


What you need:

Two whole wheat soft tortillas
A can of diced tomatoes
Baby Kale leaves
Low fat Mozzarella cheese, shredded
Crock Pot Chicken, shredded (recipe for this below)

Healthy Pizza (with KALE hidden in the sauce!)

PRE oven

1. Preheat the oven to 350*

2. The two whole wheat soft tortillas will serve as the crust for your two individual-sized pizzas. Place them onto a cookie sheet.

3. To add a superfood into the mix, I made the sauce by blending (or food processing) about 1/2 cup diced tomatoes with a small handful of baby kale leaves. (Baby kale leaves have a much milder flavor than “grown up” kale. I MUCH prefer it!) I also added a little garlic powder and salt & pepper to the blend to spice it up a bit.  Blend that until mostly smooth.

4. Spread the tomato and kale blend onto the tortilla. (I didn’t use all of the sauce that I mixed up, but feel free to use as much as you’d like.)

5. Add shredded chicken and shredded cheese (and a few diced tomatoes if you wish) to the top, then stick it in the oven.

6. Let it cook in the oven for about 15 minutes. I ended up broiling it for a minute or two at the very end to brown up the top a little bit, but that step is optional.

7. Slice and enjoy!

Healthy Pizza (with KALE hidden in the sauce!)

The finished product is much tastier than it is pretty!

Now for the recipe to the chicken used in the pizza!


(About this recipe real quick: Crock Pot Chicken is one of my favorite easy, healthy dinners to throw together. All you have to do is wake up in the morning, get the crock pot out, throw in some chicken and whatever else you want, then 8 hours later, you have yourself some fine meat. I usually do 4 breasts at a time to get two meals worth of meat out of one cook session! This particular variation went over really well with the hubs, who hates Bloody Marys.)

What you need:

4 chicken breasts (which can be frozen)
Chicken Broth or Stock
Olive Oil
Bloody Mary Mix
1/2 packet of Ranch seasoning (the same stuf you would mix with sour cream to make ranch dip)
A few pinches of shredded mozzarella cheese

1. Get the ol’ crock pot out and place your chicken breasts in the bottom. (Again, frozen is fine. That’s what I use 9 out of 10 times I make this.)

2. Add chicken broth until all of the chicken is at least halfway immersed in the liquid.

3. Sprinkle about a half a pack of ranch seasoning over the top, then pour olive oil over that. Use as much or as little as you wish. I probably used 2 or 3 tablespoons.

4. Add several dashes of Bloody Mary mix. I probably ended up using about 1/4 cup. This is what makes this recipe!

5. Sprinkle just a little bit of mozz cheese over the top.

6. Set the crock pot on low and let it do it’s thing for 8 or 9 hours or so. When you get home from work, you’ll have a wonderful smelling house and the most tender chicken in the world! It’s so tender that it’s really easy to shred (which is what I did with the chicken for the pizza) or you can just eat it as is. Most times when it eat it un-shredded, we don’t even need knives to cut it because of how tender and juicy it is! Mmmm…

I hope you enjoy these quick little recipes! I know I sure love them. Feel free to add some cool variations to the recipe ideas then come back and tell me about your awesome modification! 🙂

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