A Prayer For The Girls on Mother’s Day

A Mother's Day Prayer

Dear God,

As Mother’s Day approaches, I ask that you lift up all the girls out there.

I ask that you bless all the mamas.

The stretched-too-thin.

The sleep deprived.

The old and the brand brand new.

The overworked.

The under-appreciated.

The taken-for-granted.

Bless the mamas without daddies by their sides.

The girls who have lost their husbands.

The ones healing from divorce.

The ones with toxic relationships.

The ones whose work schedules are too demanding right now.

The ones struggling to make ends meet.

The ones who seem to have it all together.

Bless each and every one with a joy that can only come from YOU, Lord.

Bless those who are missing their mommies.

Whose moms passed away.

Whose moms are estranged.

Whose difficult life circumstances have caused distance.

Who want to be with their moms but can’t for whatever reason.

Fill their hearts this weekend with love that can only come from YOU, Lord.

Bless those who live apart from their moms and long for her help and her company.

Bless the mothers who are apart from their children.

The moms who have had to say goodbye to a child too soon.

Who have had to plan funerals they never thought they’d live to see.

Bless the women who long to be mommies.

Who have endured the loss of a pregnancy.

Of multiple pregnancies.

Whose bellies and arms are empty after months and years of trying to conceive.

Who watch their friends have baby after baby.

Give them JOY in the heartache. That sweet brand of joy that can only come from you, Jesus.

Bless the grandmamas.

The GREAT grandmamas.

The ones who have poured into multiple generations.

Who can’t see their family this year.

Who miss the father of their children.

Who are fighting illness.

Who are no longer able.

Shower your love on every mother.

Young and old.


On every grieving mother.

On every happy mother.

On every disheartened mother.

On every confused mother.

On every unexpectant mother.

On every future mother.

God, bless the daddies and the brothers and the sisters and the friends, too.

Give Mother’s Day a bright new meaning this year, however that looks in YOUR plan, God. You are a good good Father and we wholly trust in you!

In your name I pray,




  1. Mary May 10, 2020 / 9:52 pm

    SO VERY PROFOUND, Sweetheart❣️❣️❣️ No one is left out. This is the perfect Mother’s Day prayer 🙏🏼
    Ewe make my heart sing 🎶 ♥️🎶
    I’m thankful to be ewer mama❣️

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