A Warm Weather Old Fashioned

An Old Fashioned made with Tin Cup Whiskey, strawberries, and rosemary

On one of my recent visits to Colony Wine Market, I was introduced to Tin Cup Whiskey, which is a bit lighter than traditional bourbons or whiskeys. The guys in there told me this was a great whiskey to use in cocktails during warmer months. I snagged a bottle and made an old fashioned with a total twist, which I thought was absolutely delicious! Here’s what I used:

1 generous finger of Tin Cup

1 scant finger of water

7 shakes of Angostora bitters

fresh strawberry and fresh rosemary, muddled

Mix, top with ice, garnish with a strawberry, and enjoy! (And yes, I’m aware this isn’t technically and Old Fashioned, but just go with it, okay?!) 🙂

Please be sure to shop at Colony Wine Market for Tin Cup and any other wine or liquor needs! They are just the best and the most helpful!

Have a wonderful day! xoxo


  1. Avery Shannon October 1, 2019 / 10:00 am

    Look yummers!

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