I recently came across this really cute new company called Craft Street Design that sells some adorable black and white prints for really great prices!

If you’re looking for some fun art for a bathroom, entry, bookshelf, kitchen, or really just any smaller space, I definitely recommend checking the CSD site!

Ampersand by Craft Street Designs //

I have one of their ampersand pieces and I absolutely love it! Love the style of it. I feel like the ampersand just kind of fits our home as of late!

Wilson & Lily Ryan

Price & Me

Happy & Sleepy

Laughing & Loving

Growing & Learning

Ampersand by Craft Street Designs //

Ampersand by Craft Street Designs //

Here are a few other pieces of theirs that I really like!

Ampersand by Craft Street Designs //

That coffee one makes me laugh out loud. Seriously considering getting that one to put next to our Keurig! Because how much truth is in that scribble? We all know it’s true!

I hope all of you have some really fun weekend plans!!! XOXO!

(( Thank you Craft Street Design for supporting this post ))

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