Big Batch Griwsold Cocktails

Griswold-y Big Batch Cocktails

Christmas with Cousin Eddie 10.0 is complete!! We had SUCH a blast with friends last weekend celebrating all things Eddie, Kathrine, Ellen, Clark, and the gang! I still need to do a recap post, but I haven’t found time to do that yet!

I did, however, want to go ahead and put out the recipe for this year’s big batch cocktail, MELE KALIKI VODKA! I’m also going to include last year’s big-batch NON NUTRITIVE CEREAL VARNISH margarita! 🙂 AND– new this year — I’m adding the labels for these two cocktails to my Etsy shop!!

First thing’s first! MELE KALIKI VODKA is inspired by the hit song Mele Kaliki Maka and is a fun, tropical-yet-holidayish vodka cocktail! It’s really easy– here’s what you need!


32 oz. Cranberry juice

1 can Frozen Lemonade

1 can Frozen Pineapple Juice

64 oz. Cran-Pineapple Juice

2 liter bottle of lemon-lime soda

4 cans Light Beer

4 cups Vodka

To keep this cocktail cold without watering it down, I went ahead and mixed the sprite, the cranberry juice, and the cran-pineapple juice together the morning of the party and froze some of it in smaller cups to use as the chilling agent instead of ice. It’d probably still taste good if you don’t have time to do that and have to let it water down a bit with ice, but just an idea! 🙂

A few minutes before party time, I mixed the frozen lemonade and frozen pineapple juice with the vodka in the pitcher, then added everything else (as to not cause all the carbonation to dissipate during the stirring!)

This makes a LOT. Probably 30-40 servings if I had to guess! So it’s great for parties.

Griswold-y Big Batch Cocktails

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Griswold-y Big Batch Cocktails


3 things of frozen limeade concentrate

6 light beers

2 1/2 cups clear tequila, chilled

1/2 cup triple sec, chilled

1 2-liter bottle of lemon lime soda, chilled (I used diet)

In a large drink dispenser, mix all items together just before party starts!

One thing I’ve done to keep things cold throughout the party and to add to the quantity a little bit was, I got a second 2-liter of diet Sprite and froze large “ice cubes” in 8 oz. plastic cups with a few lime slices for visual effect. Just before the party, I put all the Sprite ice cubes in the dispenser with the mixture! When doing this, the quantity ups to about 2 gallons!

Griswold-y Big Batch Cocktails

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I have both labels for sale in the same Etsy listing right here! I hope your crowd enjoys these if you end up making them! 🙂 Also, in the event you’re hunting for a good drink dispenser, I found these!

THANK YOU for being here! 🙂 I hope you’re having the HAP-HAP-HAPPIEST CHRISTMAS!


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