The Bloody Mary Experiment

The Best Bloody Mary

It’s Price again taking over the cocktail portion of The Hive Blog for another month or so. So this post might seem a little weird but stick with me.

I told Scott at Colony Wine Market that I wanted to start liking Bloody Marys. My friends who drink them love them, and Laurel loves them, so I thought I’d give it my best shot at liking one. Scott fixed me up with a nice vodka and the best Bloody Mary mix he’s tried: Demitris Classic Bloody Mary mix. We determined that if I didn’t like this Bloody Mary, then liking them is just not meant for ol’ me.

Laurel did a good job of following the directions on the mix and adding just the right amount of tomato juice and vodka. She even added cute little garnishes like girls tend to do. She fixed a whole pitcher for our supper club, who was coming over the night we procured the ingredients for a “breakfast-for-supper” themed dinner. She tasted it and said it was “totes delish” or something.

The stage was set. I’d be enjoying a nicely crafted Bloody Mary with my friends over a perfect setting.

Sadly, as hard as I tried to like the dang thing, I just didn’t. It was not good to me. Perhaps its because I don’t like many tomato products, including tomato juice which is a main ingredient. But I tried so hard.

All our friends who tried this Bloody Mary at supper club raved. They said it was top notch. So that tells me that it really was a good Bloody Mary. It’s just not in the cards for me to drink these things. At least now I know I’ve given it my best possible shot.

The Best Bloody Mary

The Best Bloody Mary

The Best Bloody Mary

Big thanks to Scott for doing everything he could to try and get me on board. That’s why I love that we only shop with him.

This post is supported by Colony Wine Market. All opinions are our own, as always!

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