Cheers To (and WITH) LaCroix!

Passionfruit Punch. A cocktail made with LaCroix!

I’m a major fan of LaCroix sparkling water. MAJOR fan. It tastes like such a treat but is not bad for you at all! And I’m one of those people who is always thirsty, so I love having something bubbly to sip on from time to time!

I got super excited when my sister in law sent me this roundup of cocktails made with LaCroix! How genius!!? There are some great ideas, and I plan to try all of these as soon as I can get my hands on all the required flavors! But the one cocktail I did happen to have the required ingredients on turned out SO good. So I wanted to share! It’s called Passion Punch.

You need…

LaCroix Passionfruit



Simple Syrup

Strawberries (I used raspberries instead.)

I put 7 or 8 raspberries (which had previously been frozen then thawed out so they were extra juicy!) down in the bottom of a shaker. I put juice from 1/2 lime and about a teaspoon of simple syrup and muddled everything together. I then added about 2 ounces of vodka and some ice. I shook it all then strained the liquid into a rocks glass. I filled the glass to the top with Passionfruit, garnished with a lime, and drank it! And it was GREAT.

Passionfruit Punch. A cocktail made with LaCroix!

It was very cosmo-esque, as the writer of this article mentions, only a bit tangier because of the raspberries. “and you don’t have to drink it in that stupid glass.” (I do not love cosmo glasses either, writer girl! Preach!)

Speaking of glasses, you can get some extremely similar to the one I used HERE!

Passionfruit Punch. A cocktail made with LaCroix!

The one I’m most excited about making next is the Double Bubble Bellini because it seems like it’d be good for a warm fall evening!

Have y’all tried any of these? I’d love to hear which ones and what you thought!!

Thank you so much for dropping in today. Have a GREAT weekend! Lots of love!

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