Custom Felt Signs

Custom Felt Sign // great gift idea!

I wanted to dedicate a moment to that super fun felt sign hanging up in Lily Ryan’s room! She got that from my parents last Christmas and it is, without a doubt, one of the top two things people ask me about on Instagram! The particular Etsy shop that made this sign is owned by the SWEETEST girl, and she can customize words and colors! This particular sign was made just for our Mary Poppins loving gal, but you could have it say ANYTHING!!

We have another one that we put out at Christmas that says “BE MERRY” in red and a frosty blue and it’s just the cutest thing! (of course, at this moment, I can’t find a pic to show you!) If you want to get a jump start on Christmas shopping, I highly recommend doing a fun felt sign for someone (or having one made for your home!)

Here are lots of Etsy shops that offer similar customized banners, since as of today, 10/20, the one who did ours is on a short break! Check these out! All SO CUTE!

You can shop more similar little details from Lily Ry’s room here! Her room is so colorful and happy! 🙂

THANK YOU for stopping by today! I hope you have the best day! XO!


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