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Discount Code on Daily Harvest Smoothie Cups!

How do y’all like our lack of backsplash!? haha The ice storm last week caused some serious backups in getting our tile to Jackson / installed in our home! Hopefully we’ll get some positive updates this upcoming week!

Onto more important matters…

It’s been a while since I’ve hyped my favorite breakfast brand, Daily Harvest, but I figure now is a GREAT time to do so because they are currently offering you $25 off your first order when you use my code RE-3H35S26 at checkout! (Full disclosure! I get free smoothies when you order using my code!) 🙂

I have enjoyed Daily Harvest smoothies regularly for years now! I absolutely love these things. They come frozen, so you just grab one out of the freezer, add a little milk of your choice (I even sometimes do half milk, half water to cut down a wee bit on calories) then blend up a lovely, delicious, healthy, superfood-filled smoothie!

Discount Code on Daily Harvest Smoothie Cups!

Currently in my box for my next order are some of my favorites:

Tart Cherry + Raspberry /// Cold Brew + Almond /// Strawberry + Peach /// Mango + Papaya /// Cold Brew + Cacao /// Cherry + Almond /// Not smoothies, but I LOVE the Coconut Lemon Bites and the Midnight Fudge, also!

If you’re looking to simplify breakfast while also ensuring that it’s packed with nutrition, give Daily Harvest a try! Again, here’s the code for $25 off your first box! RE-3H35S26

If you’ve tried DH, do you love it as much as I do!? I would love to hear!!

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