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Spring + Valentines decorations

If there is one thing I’m into now even more than I was before covid life struck, it’s keeping the house happy and festive! I love decorating for a holiday, and my current holiday is spring-is-coming/Valentine’s Day!

I grabbed a couple of cute little things at The Outlet in Jackson to help with the merry making over here and love the vibe we have going!

Those XOXO planters are $3 each. Can you believe that?!

When you shop The Outlet online, you can use the code LAUREL20 to save 20%, OR when you shop in person, be sure to mention me to get 20% off at the register! They are open Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays!

Spring + Valentines decorations
Spring + Valentines decorations
Spring + Valentines decorations
Spring + Valentines decorations

All of those candle sticks are from The Outlet and I just love the mix!! And that runner, also from The Outlet, has been on my table since before Thanksgiving, so it has really been versatile in jumping from season to season!

Are you decorating for Valentine’s Day or spring this year? If so, what all are you including in your decor? I’d love to hear!!

Thank you so much for stopping in today! And THANK YOU SO MUCH to The Outlet for being such a sweet and faithful brand partner with me! I absolutely love working with the sweet people up there!

You are LOVED!!! xoxo!


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