Easter Basket Finds for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Toddler and preschooler Easter Basket finds

Weirdest Easter season EVER, amiright?

If any of you are like me, you have not even begun to start thinking about Easter baskets for this year! There are so many more pressing things taking up time right now, so I wanted to do what I could to help simplify buying for baskets for the littles, should you need a little help with that!

Because of the toll that CV is taking on the economy, I would absolutely recommend SHOPPING LOCAL first and foremost!! There are so many local businesses with online shopping capabilities. And the ones that don’t have online shops most likely have a curbside service now available! Wherever you are located, please consider doing as much local shopping as you can for your little baskets this year!

I know there are a ton of wonderful local businesses in the Jackson, MS area that have great kids’ stuff, so I’ll keep it simple and highlight two partners of The Hive Blog right here! But PLEASE feel free to drop a comment below if you know of a local shop with a great selection of Easter goods for kiddos! I’d love for this to become a directory of sorts for Easter Basket shopping, 2020!

Row 10 Baby has fabulous clothes, swimsuits, towels, accessories, shoes, books, classic toys… and gift cards! Row 10 is definitely my favorite place to shop for my kids’ clothes, toys, and books, so I think you’d love it too!

Click the image above to get to Row 10’s website!

Next is Madison Marketplace! I just did a blog post about them a couple of weeks ago and I mentioned several cute basket happies in that post! They have started offering curbside shopping, and if you follow them on Instagram, you’ll be able to stay up to date with all the fun sales they constantly have going on, like buy two bath bombs, get one free!

Shop for toddler and preschooler easter baskets

I love the sweet, helpful people at Madison Marketplace, and I know they’ll love having you shop with them!

Again, if you have, or know of, a great local shop in the Jackson, MS area, please leave a comment below letting my readers know about them!

To keep the trips out of the house to a minimum, go ahead and schedule some local pickups, then supplement for little things online! I’ve rounded up a handful of things that I know my kids would love, and I’ve tried to carefully choose items that can be to you in time for Easter if you order quickly!! So here are my quick picks that I hope you’ll enjoy shopping!

LASTLY! A couple of years ago, I created this free little printable that has the Easter story in 12 little bullet points that are easy for kids to understand. What we have done in the past is print it out, cut up the 12 parts, then put one part in each of 12 eggs! I’m pretty sure I did six eggs in Wilson’s basket and six in Lily Ryan’s last year, along with candy, so as they opened the eggs, they got all 12 story pieces. Then as a family, we went through them and put them in order! You can get to the page here and just print it off at home! I was really hoping to get a new, cuter version created this year, but that just ain’t gonna happen for Easter 2020! Maybe next year 😉

I hope and pray, even though physically going to church on Easter Sunday is most likely not going to happen this year, that you feel Jesus more closely than ever this season! We need him today more than ever before! (<< That statement is true every single day EVER, by the way!) 🙂

You are loved. You have been bought with a price (a very high one. The highest one of all!) because you are WORTH IT to the creator of the universe! I wish you blessings and health and a HAPPY EASTER!

All my love! xoxoxxxx


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