Easter Basket Ideas

With Easter around the corner, I wanted to share a few ideas of what to put in the Easter baskets of your toddler youngsters, should you have some for whom you want to to baskets! Although babies under the age of two are probably not going to have a clue what’s going on, they are still fun to put together! I’m pretty excited about Easter this year because I think Wilson sort of halfway grasps what is going on! He’s starting to understand stories about Jesus which warms my heart so much! And he’s always loved picking up rocks, balls, tiny dinosaurs, etcetera, and putting them in bags, baskets, and other what-have-yous. So Easter is his jam.

These are ideas for things I think my kids would like that I would not regret getting them. I’ve already started getting a few things here and there so the fun is coming together! I try to keep things (1) practical, or (2) Jesus focused, or (3) educational, or (4) wearable. Dress up items count! Those are my main criteria when picking stuff out!

Easter basket ideas for toddler girls via thehiveblog.com

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Books are always a great idea (especially classics), and when the cover is pretty, they’re an even greater idea! // Sequin bunny ears. I could see these getting worn around the house OFTEN. Think of the cute pictures! // Cute socks. Because they wear socks just about every day, right? // Stickers! Stickers go hand in hand with markers and a sketch book for artful baby masterpieces. // Simple headband bows. Again, these get worn every day in our house. // Faux ranunculus. I am a massive fan of popping in greenery in every room of the house. These would be adorable sitting on a shelf in a girl’s room and since they’re fake, she can take them with her to college in 14 15 16 17 years! // A super fun dress. To be worn regularly, of course. // Stuffed ballerina mouse. Stuffed animals qualify as necessities to me. A kid can never have enough! Animals are really special and important in childhood, I believe 🙂 I remember all my favorites from when I was tiny. // A super cute Bible verse print. I addition to greenery in every room, I like to have scripture represented in every room too!

Easter basket ideas for toddler boys via thehiveblog.com

Moon pillow. Fun room decor qualifies as “useful” to me! 😉 // A fun bug tee. Again, to be worn often. // Wooden boat for bath time! Or not for bath time. You can pick. Big fan of wooden toys over here! They’re 1000x more likely to make it past one generation, I think! // Wooden blocks with animal faces. Educational and pass-down-able. Win win! // Cute tennies. Shoes are worn just about every day and boys are HARD on shoes! // Growth chart! We have one of these for both kids and LOVE tracking how much they grow from month to month. Highly recommend getting one of these for each of your babes! // Handmade stuffed fox. Because I HEART special stuffed animals // Bibs. Always needed // 50 States book. Cute and educational! // Small Squares with Mighty Words. These are tiny little pieces of card stock with verses on each side for daily switching around. The scriptures I know best are the ones I learned young, so I want our kids to start hearing scripture as often as possible from the very beginning! These little dudes are an easy way to incorporate it into daily life!

Another set of books our kids LOVE are the Read Aloud Bible Stories books. We have Volumes 1-4 and they are fantastic! If you have young kids, I highly recommend these! 🙂 They’ve actually helped me brush up on Bible stories myself! 😉

I hope y’all got some decent ideas! And I’d love to hear if you have some good ideas to add to the mix! Thank you so much for stopping by today. Y’all are the BEST!!! (seriously) 🙂

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