Favorite Find: Coral Bee Shirt

My Favorite Find this Friday is from an old favorite: TARGET! It’s sad how much I love this store… But that’s beside the point…

My brother-in-law’s lovely girlfriend and I had some good girl time at Target last weekend (while the boys were nerding it up in Best Buy) when she stumbled upon this little gem! She knows how I love bees (and she actually loves them too!) so when she showed me this I said I had to have it! Several minutes later it occurred to me that I might should check and make sure I had the right size…

Coral Bee Shirt | {the lovely bee}

I love the color and the little details.

Coral Bee Shirt from Target | {the lovely bee}

I plan to wear this baby year-round! With a blazer and skinny jeans in the cooler months and with some white linen shorts and sandals when it gets warmer. Thanks, Mary Margaret, for showing this to me! 🙂

Coral Bee Shirt from Target | {the lovely bee}

Y’all have a great weekend!

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