Favorite Friday Find: The Succulent

My Favorite Friday Find this week is actually not from Pinterest! Although I have seen a lot on there about these little cuties…

On a trip to Lowe’s earlier today, I found this little baby succulent that I just couldn’t resist! He was only about $4 and he looked like he needed a good home. When I got back to the abode, I stuck him in a gorgeous gold Anthropologie container that my sweet mother-in-law gave me as a gift a year or two ago!

Pretty and SUCCULENT! :)

Although I haven’t found the perfect home for this little fella just yet, I’m sure he’ll land somewhere great! It totally brightens my day to glance over and see this beautiful green almost-fake-looking-it’s-so-pretty little plant!

See why I fell in love?

See why I fell in love?

What’s your favorite house plant? I need ideas on other beautiful, easy-to-maintain greens to scatter around the house!

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