Lunch Fun in Fondren

I’ve been hearing about it for years now… I’ve passed it a hundred times… I’ve gotten snap chats and seen Instagram posts from trusted foodie friends over and over… So last week, I made it happen.

I went to Cafe Ole in Jackson’s Fondren district.

Cafe Ole in Fondren // THE HIVE

Considering my intense love for Mexican food, I really can’t figure out why it took me so long to get a trip to Cafe Ole together! Maybe because I’ve burned Price out on Mexican food…

Anyway, accompanying me on my maiden voyage to this cute little restaurant was my new blogger friend Nikki! We had a lovely lunch talking about all sorts of bloggy things and comparing stories and experiences. Good times for sure! The good conversation was made even better by the good food this place has!

Cafe Ole in Fondren // THE HIVE

Alex, the owner, is the one who took our orders and he was seriously the nicest, most personable guy ever! We instantly fell in love with him!

I got a chicken taco/tamale combo and it was so legit. The taco came on a corn tortilla, which is my Mexican love language. And ever since I met Price, tamales have been a prominent part of my life, so I had to give this one a go. It was huge! And it was awesome.

A wild hair took over and I got a beer to go with my lunch. Just to complete the authentic experience, I suppose! It was pretty refreshing, considering the day Nikki and I chose to lunch was a fairly hot one!

Cafe Ole in Fondren // THE HIVE

For dessert, we split a tres leches cake. It was honestly the best three milk cake I’ve ever tasted! It was SUPER moist and iced with whipped cream. Oh my goodness, my mouth is drooling just thinking back on how good it was. (I’m afraid I ate 11 of the 12 bites required to finish it off… Oops!)

Cafe Ole in Fondren // THE HIVE

Next time you’re looking for a fun place to dine al fresco, I would recommend this little spot! Very authentic with kind service. Can’t beat that!

Cafe Ole in Fondren // THE HIVE

Hope you have a fantastic weekend!! Thanks a ton for stopping by!

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