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Nursery turning into big boy room!

Dempsey is currently potty training and {knock on wood} doing so well!! I’m so proud of him!! Which means we have been able to do away with the changing station in his room and use the space where the changing pad once was for a cute little display, and the drawer where diapers once were for toy storage!

Nursery turning into big boy room!


Nursery turning into big boy room!

That chest is a little beat up, but that’s because it’s got a lot of history! It was Price’s when he was little!

And we are still rocking the crib cage because Dempsey is such a little escape artist! But it’s worked really well, with a little troubleshooting along the way! At first it was perfect. But then, Dempsey figured out how to unzip it. So we put a little TSA lock on the zippers to hold it shut. Then he figured out how to pull the bottom of it up (it cups around the bottom of the mattress like a fitted sheet) and slink under it and out of the crib, so I had to attach the two sides of the bottom UNDER the mattress, making it impossible to pull up! So for now, we are smooth sailing until he figures out a new trick!

He’s not quite ready for a big boy bed yet, which is why we are working so hard to keep him in the crib! haha

How to keep your kid from crawling out of the crib

I’m often asked about the rug in his room, and unfortunately this exact one is out of stock, but I’ve rounded up a few with similar feels! Most are very affordable, too!! Yay!

Our whole family loves spending time in this room and, with the elimination of the diaper changing stuff, we are able to keep it neater and more enjoyable! Making sweet little memories in here brings me so much joy. I hope you’re finding joy in little things this week, too!

Thanks so much for stopping by! You are LOVED! xo!


  1. Grandmary June 7, 2021 / 7:23 am

    Dempsey’s room is DELIGHTFUL & matches his personality ❣️

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