How Dempsey’s Ears Work

How Cochlear Implants Work

I hope this post finds you with a smile on your face today! It was a crazy weekend with LOTS happening in the world. I hope you find rest in the fact that God is not surprised by anything– EVER! His hand is always at work!

Another thing that didn’t surprise God a couple of years ago was the fact that Dempsey was born deaf! Ever since Demps got his Cochlear Implants (which allow him to hear!), I try to do a little video every six months or so kind of explaining a little about them for people who find themselves hanging out with Dempsey (or for people who have kids with Cochlears in their lives and need to know what the blinking lights mean! ha!)

We have seen God work through Dempsey’s hearing loss in really sweet, wonderful ways! We have met some of the greatest people, and have come to appreciate sound in a whole new way! I hope this video is helpful or entertaining or both for you!! 🙂 I appreciate you taking time to get to know my little boy’s miraculous ears just a little better!

Praise God for the medical miracle of Cochlear Implants and for precious surgeons who do such wonderful, careful jobs with our babies!

Wishing you a great day, and thank you so much for stopping in! XO!

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