I Love This French Trend

Sparkling Rosé over ice: My favorite new French trend!

Sparkling Rosé over ice: My favorite new French trend!

On my latest visit to Colony Wine Market in Madison, I overheard a woman in the store talking about some sparkling rosé that was meant to be poured over ice. That sounded super intriguing to me (and honestly made me think of the handfuls of times my mama, my MIL, and yes, myself, put ice into a glass of wine or champagne to get it just a little bit colder!) When I asked Chris, who was working that night, about this stuff, he told me it was a big trend in France right now to do sparkling rosé over ice. I’m admittedly a francophile so I was all over it! An actual cool reason to put ice in my wine? Sign me up! I learned that this type of wine is made to be just a little bit stronger, so when the ice waters it down a tad, it’s juuuust right.

Sparkling Rosé over ice: My favorite new French trend!

If you’re looking for a good gift for someone in your life who is a fan of rosé, or bubbles, or both, then I highly recommend this stuff! It’s excellent, and the bottle is pretty cool looking to boot (which, of course, is very important!) 😉

Head over to Colony Wine Market to get some for yourself. Then come back and tell me your thoughts! 😉

Huge thanks to Colony Wine Market for making this post possible. Hope you guys are having a GREAT week! XO!

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