My Favorite Mama-To-Be Clothes and Bloggers

Since my pregnancy is winding down (only about 5.5 weeks left! WHAT?!), I haven’t bought any maternity clothes in the past couple of months, but as I was doing laundry this weekend, I realized that there were a few KEY pieces that have gotten me (and will continue to get me!) through pregnancy without breaking the bank. I did my best to shop for things that didn’t look super “maternity” so I could potentially wear them even when I’m not pregnant!

I did go ahead and get two pair of maternity jeans– one pair of skinny and one pair of boyfriend– which I have worn the mess out of! The boyfriend jeans came from Motherhood Maternity, and since they’re cuffed at the bottom, it doesn’t really matter that they’re not quiiiiiite long enough for my tall frame! The skinny pair came from Old Navy and they actually are long enough for me to feel comfortable wearing them with booties, flats, and wedges!

One of my faaaaaavorite places to shop has been! Especially for dresses. They have some killer stuff, much of which is very reasonably priced! Several of the dresses I’ve gotten that were labeled maternity will definitely be able to be worn post-bebe. Like this one! (Which is currently on major sale!)

ASOS Maternity Exclusive Sweater Dress With Woven Hem

I have also loved this dress… I originally only ordered it in orange but liked it so much that I ordered another one in black! It’s soft, versatile and It, too, is super on sale!

ASOS Maternity Sleeveless Swing Dress With Pockets

This ASOS dress (I got it in black) has been great for slightly dressier events. It’s so easy to add jewelry, heels, and a nice clutch to! I’ll certainly be able to continue wearing this pretty… Love the detail on the back!

ASOS Maternity Exclusive Swing Dress With Cross Back

As far as tops, the ones I’ve loved most are these tanks from Target! They’re not technically maternity, but they’re tunic length and super soft, so they’re perfect for it! This particular style comes in like twenty different colors… I think I got five of the colors and I’m willing to bet no more than 3 days go by without me wearing one of them (either by itself or layered under something!) I’m obsessed with these!

Women's Layering Tank

Other key items that have helped me a ton are…

…The Ingrid & Isabel BeBand from Target! It allowed me to wear shorts, skirts, and pants that wouldn’t quite zip after I started showing a little bit. Super handy!

…Wilt tops from Arco Avenue. A very sweet and generous friend actually handed down a few to me, and I already had a few, and the way this line is made is just perfect for flowing gracefully over a bump!

These leggings from ASOS. They’re actually long enough for me. A miracle! I’ve worn these to work and to work out in. They’re super versatile and can hold up to being washed a. LOT. without pilling.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Two girls who have kept me super inspired throughout these changing times are two bloggers I follow, one of whom is currently pregnant (just a few weeks ahead of me!) and the other had her baby back in my first trimester. If you’re preg and ever looking for some inspiration on those days when it just seems like nothing works, might I recommend Could I Have That

Pregnant bloggers who inspire me >> Could I Have That?

…and Hello Fashion?!

Pregnant bloggers who inspire me >> Hello Fashion

I can almost guarantee you’ll leave their sites with some great ideas! I love these ladies!

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Thanks so much for dropping by today. I sure hope you had a great weekend! And if you’re expecting, I hope this post was semi helpful!

P. S. – I know this little person growing inside of me is such a miraculous blessing that I have tried not to take for granted at any moment! I know that God chose this time to make Price and me parents, and waiting for this time was hard. If you’re currently in that “waiting to be a mama” phase and want to talk about it, please consider joining us for the next Those Who Speak on Sunday! (That’s Nov. 2!) It’s for women who have experienced hardships in getting pregnant, staying pregnant, or who have lost a very young child.

Those Who Speak

Find out more about Those Who Speak here! If this group is something that you might could benefit from, I really hope you’ll consider coming!!! Feel free to comment or email me with any questions you may have!



  1. Nikki October 27, 2014 / 8:56 pm

    Ahh you are SO close!! So exciting. Believe it or not, I have never ordered from ASOS. But I know everyone loves it!


    • thelovelybee October 28, 2014 / 2:18 pm

      You of all people would absolutely love it!!! Such fun stuff! 🙂

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