My Favorite New Hair Products

I told y’all last week about this really cool local salon that I’ve recently partnered with called Colorize in Ridgeland! They are the area’s exclusive retailer of Keune hair products and I. Am. Obsessed.

Keune hair care from Colorize Hair Studio on Ridgeland, MS // THE HIVE

The Keune So Pure line is sulfate and paraben free and they work really well. I feel like I have a brand new head of hair!

While getting a pretty significant trim a few weeks ago (it ended up being about 5 or 6 inches!), owner and stylist Leah used Keune products for my shampoo and pre-blow dry.

Keune hair care from Colorize Hair Studio on Ridgeland, MS // THE HIVE

The first thing I noticed was how incredible they smell! Then, after taking some of these products home with me, I noticed in just a few short days how much healthier my hair felt from the roots down! The trim took care of the raggedy ends I’d ended up with, and I do NOT want to go back to that place of nasty, scraggly split ends! Ew. So that’s why I’m committed to using high quality products that will keep my hair from returning to that wretched state! I want my hair to always look like this!

Keune hair care from Colorize Hair Studio on Ridgeland, MS // THE HIVE

I think my most favorite Keune product is the moisturizing overnight repair serum! I take two or three pumps and rub it into my ends every night before I go to bed. I feel a significant boost in the health of my ends after a couple of weeks of using this stuff! And like all of the Keune stuff, it smells like rainbows!

Keune Moisturizing Overnight Repair // THE HIVE

Oh– and it does not leave your hair oily or weighed down the next morning! So if you’re like me and wash your hair every other day or so, it’s still ok to use this stuff every night! On the days you skip the shampoo, your hair will still look great and un-gunked-up. Good stuff, I tell ya!

I’m also a major fan of the Keune 2-Phase Ultimate Control spray. It’s like a detangler that you spray on your hair after you wash it, so your hair is easier to brush out, plus the spray is a heat protectant! Perfect for¬†blow drying and heat styling.

Speaking of heat styling… I can’t wait to tell y’all about this curling iron I’ve been using… Stay tuned for more in the coming weeks! And if you missed the Colorize tour last week, check it out here!

Have an AMAZING weekend!!!



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