New Year, New Master Bedroom Underway

New Year, New Bedroom

HAPPY NEW YEAR, friends!!

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With the new year comes a hankering for me to change up our master bedroom just a teeny bit! The above photo is our current master bedroom situation.

I still mostly like what we have going on in this room, but I’m a little bit tired of the gray and white pattern on our euro shams. This has been our bedding since we got married (which will be 10 years in May) so I’m saying it’s had a good run!

I got these pretty sham covers for Christmas, but they are ever-so-slightly see through, so I’m ordering these plain white covers to put over the patterned pillows (which, in retrospect, I wish I’d had made with a zipper for easy changing out. But it’s not a bad thing to have the pattern to revert to in 10 more years! ha!)

I’ve been eyeing this pretty yellow and white pillow for ages so I’ve got it on order as well! (Thanks, Price, for the anthro gift card for Christmas!) 😉

Once everything comes in and I switch things out, I’ll definitely post about it. In the meantime, I’ll soak in the last few days of the gray and white pattern.

Do you have any home projects or interior design switch ups you’re implementing this new year? I’d love to hear about what you’ve got going on!

Have a FANTASTIC day and thank you so much for stopping by! XO!

// mini purchase of the week: some new colored pencils for my kiddos 🙂 //

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