Partner With the Children’s Museum!

Jackson, Mississippi is #blessed to be home to so many wonderful museums, but in my current life stage, I’ve gotta say- I think the Children’s Museum is my favorite! My older two LOVE going there, and I know Dempsey will, too, once he’s a tad older! We love the interactive exhibits, the opportunities to expand our love for art and music, and the happy spirit that fills the place. It’s just magical, even if you aren’t technically still a kid. 

Since the museum admission fee covers only a portion of the cost of a visit, they depend on donations for the balance. This means it’s oh-so-important that they have a steady stream of income from people like you and me in order to keep it as fabulous as it is! One way that I think is a really neat way to help the museum is to become a Partner! The Mississippi Children’s Museum Partners, which you can join at various levels, help put on really great fundraising events like Ignite The Night, Neon Night, and Discovery Night! These events help to raise even more money for the museum. And if y’all have ever visited children’s museums in other cities, although they all have their own value, you know how GOOD ours is. It’s really the best, in my opinion! Let’s do our part to keep it that way 🙂 

Neon Night is coming up TOMORROW (July 13th), and it’s SUCH a fun night! I love this event. It’s an adults-only night of food trucks, glow sticks, live music, cocktails, and friends! If you’re free tomorrow night, please come to Neon Night to see what a great job the MCM Partners do on these lively events. (It’s $55 per person and you can purchase tickets at at the door.) Then you can join Partners here, and your “joining fee” so to speak will go to help make the next event fabulous. The more fabulous the events, the more money is raised. The more that’s raised, the better we can continue making the museum! See? It’s a beautiful, positive cycle! 😉 

We absolutely love this museum, so I encourage you to join me in doing our part in keeping it the treasure that it is for Jackson, Mississippi! I hope to run into ya at Neon Night! 🙂 

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