Party Margs

I mentioned on Monday that I would share the recipe for the margaritas we had at our gender reveal fiesta!

Bulk margarita recipe for your next party! //

I love this recipe. My friends are probably tired of it. But it is just always good! This time, I replaced a little of the tequila with some triple sec and I thought it turned out great! This makes a LOT… About a gallon and a half… Just what you need for your next party!


3 things of frozen limeade concentrate (these only come in one size as far as I know…)
6 light beers. (I used Miller Lite)
2 1/2 cups clear tequila, chilled
1/2 cup triple sec, chilled
1 2-liter bottle of lemon lime soda, chilled (I used diet)


In a large drink dispenser, mix all items together just before party starts!

One thing I did to keep things cold throughout the party and to add to the quantity a little bit was, I got a second 2-liter of diet Sprite and froze large “ice cubes” in 8 oz. plastic cups with a few lime slices for visual effect. Just before the party, I put all the Sprite ice cubes in the dispenser with the mixture! When doing this, the quantity ups to about 2 gallons!

I hope you enjoy this recipe! Thanks for reading!

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